Age: 24


Country: USA


Interests: ART. Comics. Animation. Story-Telling. Getting completely turned around and LOST in a good bit of fiction. Also I like History bits and Era-inspired fashion/Steampunk.


Favourite Sherlock character: I can’t choose. You can’t make me.


Other fandoms: Avatar: Legend of Korra, Marvel comics, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, My LittlePony: Friendship is Magic, Miyazaki Films, Disney Films, Pixar Films, Cabin Pressure, Infamous, Jak and Daxter, Skyrim… And IDEK a bunch of other crazy stuff that I’m into!


Personal quote: You keep calling me a Nerd and a Geek and an insane Fangirl, but all I hear is multiple forms of “You know how to live life. Good Job.”